Police Protest : Ferguson Police Protests

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Ferguson police protests Introduction A small city found in the county of St. Louis (Missouri in the United States of America), white people indigenously dominated Ferguson, but over the last 15 years, the African Americans took the lead, and have since maintained this position. Like most of the police around the world, the Ferguson police are charged with among others, the responsibility to maintain law and order. However, this is not always the case – many times the police force has been accused, and rightly so, of professional misconduct, corruption in the line of duty, violation of human rights (to life, movement, expression, demonstrate peacefully, and so on), and total disregard of their own local and international code of ethics.…show more content…
Unfortunately, any crash between the common man and the marred police image, in some cases results in further loss of lives, innocent people getting rounded up and arrested (purely victims of circumstances), homes or businesses or public facilities getting burned to ashes, normal routines altered, and in some instances making it difficult to access essential services like health, education, and other basic needs from stores. Whenever the situations seem to get out of hand, governments are known to deploy more police officers or declare curfews within defined time frames. Woe unto those with eye problems, for the police would surely use tear gas canisters, engage their sticks to function, or use horses and dogs to disperse crowds. However, there are worst case scenarios, where for very uncalled for reasons like racial discrimination or resolving personal differences, some policemen decide to use live bullets against very defenseless people. Such was the case on August 9th, (2014) in Ferguson, where a young life was lost at the age of 18, in the hands of a Ferguson police officer. Michael Brown, the deceased, is said to have been moving along the streets, albeit from the middle, when a youthful police officer in his late 20s confronted him, a confrontation that resulted in Michael being shot fatally by Darren Wilson 6 times! While details of their
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