Police-Public Relations : The Challenges Of Police And Community Relations

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1. Human relations are everything that done with each other as human beings in all kinds of relationships. An example of this would be the interaction you have with someone checking out of the grocery store. The book states that police-public relations are often seen as “a variety of activities with the express intent of creating a favorable image of themselves… sponsored and paid for by the organization.” (Dempsey, 330) Further, it goes without saying that Ferguson is a prime example of a community that was and is deeply polarized. It is a community where deep distrust and hostility often characterize and sum up interactions between police and community residents (Regis Criminology Programs.) Police-community relations are relying on police departments to “protect and serve” and the police, in turn, reply on community support and cooperation (Rand). An example of this is putting trust in your local police departments to handle crime effectively and fair; and in return local residents cooperate with the police officers.

2. The rapid increase in the minority population have spread throughout all neighborhoods and even job locations. This diversity becomes a threat to some people that never had to face different groups of people in their life. The challenges this bring to the law enforcement in communities is an issue when officers are not educated with the different cultures or ethnic background. People have different core values, moral beliefs, and religious practices which
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