Essay on Police Pursuits of Criminals

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Police Pursuits of Criminals

There has been a heated debate over the last few years whether police chases are worth the risk of public safety to catch a fleeing criminal. Each year these hot pursuits end in the arrest of thousands of criminals wanted for a wide array of crimes. At the same time it can cause injury and some times even death.

There is a huge misconception that police are out chasing the red-light violator or the burned-out tail light criminal. This is not the case at all. They are protecting the community and chasing serious felons. That is why most cops defend their right to engage in these high-risk pursuits. No police officer wants to try to stop somebody that they believe is good for a crime just to
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This is gut wrenching to police officers every time they are confronted with a chase and it is a big decision for them to make. The majority of the people who want to see the pursuits come to an end are the ones who have lost a loved one in an accident. When cars are flying through residential neighborhoods where our family and children are, the odds go up that they could be killed or injured. It isn’t limited to around our homes that these accidents can kill our family, but out in the town or on the highway as well. Your husband or wife could be heading home from work and before you know it they are killed and taken away from you because someone was afraid of getting a speeding ticket. Then you might feel that the officer could have just gotten the license plate number and picked the suspect up at a later time. This is all true, but the officer has no way of knowing this at the time. The person might be running because he just robbed a convenience store or kidnapped a child from their home. We just don’t know. That’s why police go off statistics.

Even though statistics show that pursuits end up with good arrests, many critics say that when a police officer is full of adrenaline he is not going to make as good of a choice when the chase should be called off. This is why more police officers are being held accountable for their actions more than ever before. Most departments have a policy to protect the officer where their supervisor has the responsibility to

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