Police Report On The Los Angeles Police Department

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Ashley Chaparro
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On March 2, 1991, a brutal beating of a 26 year old man by the Los Angeles Police department, set tensions high between the black community and the police department, not only in Los Angeles but all across the country. This is not only considered an extremely controversial incident, but also a contradicting case. Is it a coincidence, or has the justice system failed to charge and imprison police officers who use excessive force on black members of society? By analyzing the incidents leading up to this event, the actual evidence presented in the trial, and the police reports and conversations post beating of Rodney King, it will be clear whether or not justice was served and how the results of this trial affected the Los Angeles community, and policing in the U.S for years to come.

The Trials of Los Angeles Police Officers in connection with the beating of Rodney King is a UMKC law report that analysis the background of the Rodney king incident, the trial and the aftermath. On March 2, 1991, Rodney Glen King was at a friends house in Los Angeles watching a basketball game and drinking beer. King suggested to his two friends, Allen and Freddie Helms that they should go out for a drive, possibly to pick up girls. At around 12:30 that night, a married team of police officers, husband and wife, Tim and Melanie singer decided to chase a speeding car going up to 117 miles per hour. This car was Rodney Kings. King failed to stop the
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