Police Shooting Essay

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As of today in 2017, we are too familiar with police shootings, especially in those of men of color. We have seen debate over these shootings with the organizations such as the NAACP and Black Lives Matter speaking out about them. These organizations voice their concerns of racial profiling by police officers. Is America seeing racial profiling by police through biased reports in the media or is there statistics to support the claim? For Essay No. 2: The Causal Argument, I will write about the causal issue of racial profiling. In order to discuss this topic, I will focus on the following three effects of this causal issue: Police shootings by race, incarceration by race, Median wage by race.
According to NBC News, African-Americans fatally
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The Washington Post states that there is nearly 160 million more White Americans than African Americans. White Americans account for roughly 64% of the United States of America's population and are 49% of those fatally shot, while African Americans are only 13% of the U.S.A.’s population and 26% of those fatally shot. This type of evidence makes it seem as racial profiling does play a role in these police shootings, but is it too little of evidence to suggest these outcomes are due to racial profiling?
Racial profiling also takes role in incarceration rates with its influences seeming to affect more. Prisoners are about 6 times more likely to be African American then a White American. Latinos face racial profiling in the prison system as well, but prisoners are still about 2 times more likely to be African Americans. This again makes African Americans the most statistically affected with their population only being 13% of the U.S.A’s population, yet accounting for 40% of prison inmates. White Americans account for almost the same amount with 39%, while being 64% of the U.S.A’s
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