Police Shootings Across The Racial Lines

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Police Shootings Across the Racial Lines
Sheila Capers
Saint Leo University

Authors Note: All questions and concerns on this paper can be addressed to Sheila Capers, Saint Leo University, Criminal Justice, Savannah, GA. Email: Sheila.capers@email.saintleo.edu.

Abstract There was a time when one never heard about the police shooting a suspect. Now it seems as if every day there a new story on the news of police shootings and the ensuing chaos. In the middle of all of this there runs a question. Do the police tend to be quicker on the trigger when it is a black suspect they are chasing? What do the numbers and research say on the matter?

Despite the regular reports in the news about police shootings in recent times, the overall picture does not show an excessive problem. In over 14 million arrests performed, only 3,600 people are shot each year, with only 1,000 being fatal.. This number seems to be huge, but when one considers that there are an estimated half a million police officers in the U.S. this number becomes rather insignificant by statistical standards. This does not eliminate the need to investigate such instances of the utilization of deadly force. It cannot be considered capital punishment. In essence the officer becomes judge, jury, and executioner. It takes away the suspects right to a fair trial by their peers.
There is another similarity between police use of deadly force and capital punishment. There is a marked issue…
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