Police Shootings And Its Effects On The United States

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Throughout the last two years there have been many police involved shootings where they have killed someone. Some say the cops where right and others say they were wrong in the situation. Are the police right in using deadly force instead of trying a different situation? When is it ok for police to use deadly force and are they right in doing so? In the past two years there have been multiple police shootings, which have been the main topic with police. Some have said that race has played a huge role in the recent shootings and blame racism on the deaths by the officers. In the recent cases it has been a white officer who has killed a black person. Who has the say in the case if the police made the right decision if
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Forensics later came out to support officers Wilsons statement that Brown had in fact charged at the officer and attempted to take Wilsons gun. It also proved that Brown did not have his hands up like the media had initially stated, which caused mass frenzy and a huge protest that led to chants of “hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter” (Hitchcock). Now people start to look at other facts how he didn’t have a weapon on him at the time of the shooting and say that they didn’t have to shoot and kill him. You do not need a gun or knife to be a danger to another person; you always have two weapons, which are your hands. Police shoot to kill they do not shoot to disarm (Miller) because you can still be a threat. It doesn’t mean that you still cannot kill someone who is a lot smaller than you without having a gun. Black lives matter has become a major group protesting all over major cities in the United States at the hands of Rev Al Sharpton. They have started many protest and campaigns to try and change laws in which police are aloud to use deadly force when trying to arrest a suspect.

After all this was just starting to settle down another police involved killing happened in New York to an Eric Garner. This time the police did not shoot him; he died from heart related problems which people blame the police for his death after being placed in a chokehold until they could subdue him. In
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