Police Strategies For The Crime Rate Within The Northern Region Of Queensland

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This paper will demonstrate an observation of introducing two police strategies in order to prevent the crime rate within the Northern region of Queensland. This paper will research the hypotheses for the two proposed strategies and will evaluate the evidence to support the findings of the elements and validity within the operational police plan to develop and propose these strategies towards the urgent crime disorder within the Northern region district and the Queensland police organisation. The most common crime within Australia is the offence against property crime. The intentions and motives for the offence against property is to deprive and damage the owners property against their will. There is significant difference within the…show more content…
Prior to arson and vandalism, there was one identified crime against property. It was labelled as larceny and the punishment for this particular crime was death in some countries. Nowadays, murder sentences is not penalised for larceny due to the life of the liberal law and Australia 's common law and the statute made by the parliament. Offences against property has become an urgent local concern within the district of the Northern region.

The Australian Bureau of statistical research of Queensland has identified that the Northern region has estimated the highest rate of 6,615 reported offences per 100,000 of the population within offences against property during the periods of 2011and 2012 as opposed to the North coast region estimating to record a decrease within the offence against property. Therefore, statical reports have recorded this as the lowest rate within the regions. The percentage change for this offence estimated 18 percent towards the reported offences throughout the regions crime disorder. In addition, 5 of the 8 regions in relation to other property damage has recorded an increase within this offence over the periods of 2010/11 and 2011/12. It is reported that the Northern region is estimated to have the largest increase and the highest rate of this offence.

The metropolitan south region was reported to be the lowest as opposed to the metropolitan north region, as it was estimated to have the largest decrease within the relation of crime
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