Police Training: a Modern Approach Essay

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Police Training: A Modern Approach

American Military University

CMRJ499 Criminal Justice Senior Seminar

April 26, 2011

Police Training: A Modern Approach

This research paper will examine the idea that traditional police training methods are inefficient for modern adult learners and new methods and techniques need to be utilized to ensure that today’s police force remains highly trained, professional and effective. The theory behind my thesis statement is that police officers are starting their law enforcement careers later in life (Mineard, 2006), are more diverse, have higher education and more life experiences. In the past, police officers were minimally trained, entered their careers at
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Many of those drawn to police work had spent time in the military during WWII, Korea and Viet Nam, so it was a natural progression to take into account the background of law enforcement applicants and for police agencies to apply military style training to their officers. Law enforcement agencies knew that they could review a veteran’s military background and know what type of person they would be hiring, instead of hiring someone with no measurable background. The new police officers came from a background of rank structure and following orders without question (McCafferty, 2003, p.79). While this training approach made it easier for the law enforcement leaders, it was not the perfect approach for law enforcement and public interaction. Since police officers expected the public to respond as they were trained to respond – without questioning authority - pressure was put on law enforcement agencies to take on a less militaristic approach when dealing with the public. When the public refused to respond to law enforcement without question, conflict arose. Conflict erupted with riots in the south and in areas such as Watts, California. There were two diametrically opposed groups; law enforcement who expected compliance without question and the public who expected accountability and explanations on the part of law enforcement. Change
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