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Police Use of Force Introduction Police officers are authorized to use force under certain circumstances, for instance; controlling a disruptive, aggressive and disturbing demonstration, undergoing arrest of an accused person or controlling a combative individual. These officers are trained properly regarding use of force while fulfilling their duties. However, the use of force by police is a subject of hot discussion amongst public, as many times law enforcement agencies, televisions, newspapers, and civil as well as criminal courts have taken serious actions against excessive use of force by police-officers under a given situation (U.S department of Justice, 1999). The aim of this paper is to study national as well as international…show more content…
Otherwise it becomes a negative pint for the officer. Guidelines for the use of force There are several guidelines for the use of force, which vary from place to place and situation to situation, there is not universal rule and guideline for the amount of force used in a particular event. However, national institute of justice gives guidelines for the use of force based upon various factors which are as under: * The experience of a particular police department * Law enforcement technologies, which are available at a given place during specific event * Federal as well as state mandates becomes another influencing factor * Complex relationship that can develop between police and general public at given place is also another determinant of the use of force (National Institute of Justice, 2009). Use of force continuums Officers have specific training regarding use of force, for this purpose officer’s continuums were developed in the year 1960s. These continuums are based upon the resistance faced by the police officer and the amount of force that can be justified at that particular time. It can be said that he use of force should behave in a linear manner that means the rise should occur from the negligible resistance to increased aggression (Hess, 2009). Law enforcement agencies almost, at all places give policies according to which a police officer can utilize force by

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