Police V. Guns On The Streets

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Police v. Guns on the Streets
My research paper is that people should focus on the streets that are mainly weapons, kids carrying toy guns replica from a real gun will be mistakenly the targets getting killed by police officer 's. People have not realized that guns are the major causes of death. Against fellow police officers. it has showed that since the shooting of Oscar Grant and Michael Brownl increase the killings of police officers shot by a real or a toy replica gun. Police are basically putting their lives out in the streets, and that they “police officers have families to return home to.” I have wondered why manufacturers are putting toy guns that are made realistic, and that back in the days toy guns were made in different colors, the guns were made of plastic water guns, silver steel guns are made.
All guns are brought in from different countries, Asia, China, North America and Europe. The United States are fighting to keep guns off the streets and although these companies are willing to sale the products to businesses, such as a Sporting goods store or a toy store and a private company that produces the items to whole sales producers that sales these items in the flea markets or a dollar store and other major shops in the United States.
These companies from North and South of the Country creates guns that are real with no indication that the police officers instinct is to follow the law by asking the suspect to put the gun down slowly and move away from the…
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