Police Violence Is More Than Violent Policing

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Bernasconi, R. (2014). When police violence is more than violent policing. CR: The New Centennial Review, 14(2), 145-152. doi:10.14321/crnewcentrevi.14.2.0145 The article examines a particular case where a young African-American male was shot by a police officer in Chicago. The author looks at the causes of this incident as well as discusses the absence of accountability that the police department faced. The content of this article applies to all three disciplines that will assist to explain police brutality. Chamberlain, A. W., & Boggess, L. N. (2016). Why disadvantaged neighborhoods are more attractive targets for burgling than wealthy ones. Retrieved from…show more content…
He examines the governmental aspect that plays a role in violence practiced by the law enforcement officials and how police brutality varies across cultures. As well, the author points out which part of society is usually subjected to excessive force applied by the police. This content is relevant for sociology and political science. Chipaux, F. (2007). L 'islamisme essaime en Inde [Islamism in India]. Le Monde. Retrieved from http://www.lemonde.fr This French article discusses the current cultural and religious conflict in India. The author cites various individuals who argue that Muslims are purposely blamed for violence that affects both communities. As well, it stresses that the government is lacking actions in order to resolve the conflict. This article applies to psychology. Dottolo, A. L, & Stewart, A. J. (2008). “Don’t ever forget now, you’re a black man in America”: Intersections of race, class and gender in encounters with the police. Sex Roles, 59(5-6), 350-364. doi:10.1007/s11199-007-9387-x The article written by Dottolo and Stewart (2008) supports previous discussions about racism against African-Americans. They conducted interviews to determine whether race, class and gender play a large role in encounters with the law enforcement officials. This article is relevant to the sociological discussion. Hays, Z. R. (2011). Police use of excessive force in disorganized
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