Police Workforce Discrimination Scenarios

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As the newly appointed police chief it has come to my attention that our past hiring practices may not have been working, specifically in the realm of affirmative action. Our population consists of 51% female and 30% African American, and we WILL NOT refuse to hire anyone because of a person's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. We will hire the right people to ensure the success of our department, and our hiring standards will remain the same but the process in which we hire will have some changes. We are not going to lower our standards just to make a quota. We are going to actively recruit and seek out the very best our community has to offer. One of my goals as your police chief is to ensure that the best of our community is serving and protecting all of us.…show more content…
We need to identify the barriers to inclusive recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. Our recruiting effort will start with our website, radio and television commercials, newspaper, job fairs, and community events. We will also ask our current employees, who may have experienced bias and cultural misunderstanding in the past, what are diverse applicants looking for in a job and employer and what actions might cause us to lose a qualified diverse applicant Once we have recruited some applicants our interviewing team needs to have an understanding of diversity and cultural competencies for interviewing and hiring. The manner in which people are hired, in a way, constitutes their first impression of the organization, and can contribute to how they feel about it over the long term, and to how good a job they do. We want the best our community has and our hiring guidelines will reflect
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