Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

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Introduction The INTERPOL represents the largest police organization in the world consisting of about 186 member countries. The INTERPOL is therefore, a police organization whose main agenda is to promote cross border police cooperation. Its operations are funded by the member states, which is through the yearly contributions of approximately $59 million. In terms of international organizations, it is ranked second after the United Nations. Its headquarters is currently based in Lyon, France. It is distinguished from other international organizations since it does not participate in international politics, military actions, religious aspects and cultural concerns (Dunoff & Trachtman, 2009). The principle of survival of INTERPOL is…show more content…
The general assembly is the most supreme body of the organization and normally meets annually to deliberate issues affecting the organization, make decisions concerning the general policy and allocation of resources towards the realization of international policing programs. The general assembly is tasked with the appointment of the executive committee. The role of the executive committee in terms of governance includes supervision of the execution of the activities that were passed by the general assembly. The preparation of the agenda to be discussed at the meetings of the general assembly, submitting any international policing initiative which it considers useful to General Assembly and finally to supervise and administer the activities that are done by the general secretariat of the Interpol (INRERPOL INT., 2011). International liaisons The Interpol aims at maintaining association with international organizations, governments and other nongovernmental organs whose main reason for existence is to promote public safety. These collaborations are formal and entail the signing of collaboration accords and embracing of standardized conventions. The goal of the international liaison is to facilitate the sharing of information and that all international organizations that are tasked with the prevention of international
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