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Police Brutality

Police brutality occurs daily across America. Police brutality can come in various forms, counting lethal and nonlethal force. Comprehending the exact commonness of police brutality is complex, because of the inconsistency in describing police brutality. The trouble in differentiating among justified and unjustified force. Police interactions often can be misconstrued, or sometimes turned around against an officer.

Questionable behavior and complaints against officers can be filed by even the most violent of criminals. Often, the officer may restrain a potentially dangerous citizen, and be accused of excessive force. Overall, this results in not only a mark against the institution of law enforcement and the officer
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For example, there was a strong negative reaction in the aftermath of the shooting of Oscar Grant in Oakland (2009) and the shooting of Shawn Bell in New York City (2006), and riots occurred after. Communities regularly react negatively to police brutality; urban communities nearly constantly respond negatively to police assaults of minorities. These actions hurt police-community dealings and can weaken citizens ' perceived respect for police authority. In some cases, the community also experiences the impact of police brutality on its victims.

Citizens acquire majority of their info regarding police activity from the media. The media often present a slanted picture of the role of police to the public. When police brutality arises, it often appears in the media, receiving attention to the problem and inspiring reform. Eliminating police brutality from society is an apparently impossible mission, particularly if society gives police officers authority and discretion. Mass Media has a massive effect on police brutality; the types of actions that are brought on by police brutality brings negative media attention, further damaging the reputation of the police within society. An example of the power of the media exposure with police use of force can be seen in the "Don 't Taser Me Bro!" incident from the University of Florida in 2004. Student Andrew Meyer was arrested during a
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