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Policing in Ontario 1. What are the different types of police forces we have in Ontario and how do they differ and how are they the same? In Ontario, we have three different types of police forces. They are the municipal which are the numbered divisions within a city, provincial which is the Ontario Provincial Police, and federal which is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Municipal police forces are established by the municipalities and are usually in every major city. If a city has a population of approximately 50 000-100 000, then they usually contract out the policing to the RCMP such as in the case of Burnaby and Northern Vancouver, B.C. Municipal police forces are the most common type of policing found in…show more content…
Another reason why I strongly believe that policing in Ontario is good is because of the T.A.V.I.S. program. The Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy is a group of officers who focus on community policing and interaction with the community. They are deployed within a neighbourhood who are experiencing a rise in crime, and it’s their job to try to figure out the root cause of the problem by cooperating with the community. Their goals are to make neighbourhoods safer, not by arresting more people, but by the reduction of crime. Even though I believe policing in Ontario is good, there can obviously be changes or enhancements in order to be more effective. First off, Ontario needs to recognize aboriginal policing as a fully fledged police force. Not only are they more effective than regular police, they are also the preferred policing amongst the aboriginal people themselves. One of the most important aspects the police have to work on is community support and trust. They need to reach out and communicate with the communities. I say this because I believe the reputation of officers is tarnished, especially amongst any persons in priority neighbourhoods under the age of 30. In order to prove this, I went to the Kingston/Galloway area which is one of the priority neighbourhoods. I interviewed approximately 15 people of all different races, ages (under 30), and nationalities. Remarkably, not a single person

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