Policemen Of The World Thesis And Outline Final 2

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Assignment 2.1: Policemen of the World Thesis and Outline
Stephanie Clay
Strayer University
24 May 2014


Over the last seventy years, the U.S. Military has developed into one of the main tools used by our International Partners to manage complex crisis that pose a serious threat to international peace and security past the United States borders. The number of military personnel that are being deployed to investigate, assist when peacekeeping is greatly needed has grown in size and within the last decade has become progressively complex. Today our military collect and analyze numerous data that is being received through our U.S. Intelligence Office to better protect our concerned interest of our foreign
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But the U.S. has made it very clear that “ We will continue to maintain relentless pressure on terrorist groups that threaten our people, victims of terrorism, our military involvement or international interest, in which we will conduct direct action against them, if necessary, that is consistent with our laws and values,” (Hagel 2013).
Forty two years of power, dictatorship, civil war where many lost their lives was Qaddafi’s persona. His accolade was being ruthless while maintaining a sense of flamboyance attitude that he was invincible and no one could touch him. His eccentric leadership raised Qaddafi through the ranks of the Libyan army in which he was made military chief and led Libyan forces to one of the deadliest Arab wars against Israel.
Protest broke out in Libya which is the second largest city, Benghazi, to protest freedom, civil rights and the ousting of Qaddaffi. To corner Qaddafi, the U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions against Libya that included arms embargo and many assets were frozen, in which the U.N. Council referred Libya to the International Criminal Court for investigation of crimes against humanity (www.cnn.com). But amazingly Qaddafi did not want to

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