Policies and Politics of Government in Charge of a Public Agency

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Policies and Politics of Government in Change of a Public Agency: Government policy can be described as the declaration that defines the objective of the priorities and goals of the government. Since these policies outline the rules, role, and procedures, they develop a framework in which the government and its citizens can carry out their specific duties. The public policies are created by all governmental levels and target the entire population or particular groups. The process of developing these policies involves the engagement of governmental officials and citizens. On the other hand, politics of government provide the platform for the development, establishment, and implementation of public policy. Therefore, the politics of government are the platform with which public policies are adopted and implemented. Governmental policies and politics play a critical role in the realization of change in a public agency since the policies are developed and implemented at various levels (Dukeshire & Thurlow, 2002). Since these policies may range from formal regulations and legislation to informal guidelines in an agency, understanding them is important in the achievement of change in a public agency. A Public agency basically functions based on the established policies and politics in the government. Therefore, the accomplishment of the change in a public agency requires an increased understanding of the politics and policies of government. It's important to understand
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