Essay on Policies for Air Quality in the EU

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The price to pay because of poor air quality is superior in terms of human lives that due to traffic accidents , thus making it the main environmental cause of premature death in the EU. Poor air quality has an impact on quality of life, as it causes asthma and respiratory problems. The Commission responds by proposing new measures to reduce air pollution, adopted today. The package of policies for clean air is an upgrade of the existing legislation and further reduces harmful emissions from industry, traffic and agriculture from power plants, seeking to limit its impact on human health and the environment. Air pollution also causes the loss of working days and higher health care costs, and who is affected in a particular way are the most…show more content…
The new policies for clean air will allow European citizens to live longer and have a healthier life: decrease the number of children with asthma or other respiratory problems, fewer people will develop cancer, chronic respiratory diseases or cardiovascular, and finally, the fewer people will die from diseases caused by air pollution. "

The package adopted today comprises several elements, including:

A new Clean Air for Europe program, with measures to ensure the achievement of short-term objectives and existing, for the period up to 2030, reaching new goals for air quality. The package also includes supportive measures to reduce air pollution, especially with regard to the improvement of air quality in the city, to support research and innovation and to promote international cooperation;
The revision of the directive on national emission ceilings that includes more stringent national limits for the six major pollutants, and A proposal for a new directive aimed at reducing pollution from combustion plants of medium size, such as plants that provide energy to buildings belonging to the same group or large buildings and small industrial plants.

Compared to a scenario unchanged between now and 2030, it is estimated that the package clean air may:
Prevent 58 000 premature deaths, save nitrogen pollution of surface ecosystems of 123 000 km ² (equivalent to more than half the surface of Romania), save nitrogen pollution
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