Policing Cybercrime : Police And Armed Forces

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Chapter Three
Policing Cybercrime Strategy
3.1 Police and Armed Forces.
In this chapter, the policing cyber strategy is discussed and will show that the unique organisational structure of the UK police force means that policing cyber strategy varies from county to county in the UK; although each regional force operated with the same objective. Within the UK strategy is the criminalisation of certain cyber activity . with Cyber Security Strategies containing elements of cybercrime control, therefore a Criminal Justice rationale which connects it to the broader spectrum of crime prevention and control.
Cybercrime like other aspects of crime have had strategies in place to combat cyber related crimes. Before exploring this strategy, a look at different Policing strategy over the years shows that these strategies have been changing to accommodate different aspects of crime. From the 1990s, policing and crime analysis have undergone rapid development in approaches to fighting crime namely; community cohesion policing, neighbourhood policing, Problem oriented policing, intelligence led policing, citizen focused policing, knowledge based policing, reassurance policing, each approach have consolidated and directly built on the legacy of the other approaches.
Policing is a multi-contextual public service and it follows that different context requires different policing approach and style and no particular context fits all. It is also because people and society change and this is

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