Policing Is A Major Effect On The World Terrorist Attacks On September 11th

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Throughout the world the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 changed the way the world has looked at terrorism. Everything from policing to the way people board onto airplanes and travel via public transportation has changed in a tremendous way. Policing is a major effect that has changed at all-different training drills to be prepared for every situation for the different types of units just focusing on terrorism. The NYPD has changed in a huge way from that day. They have started over five different units to try and combat terrorism. They train every day for every situation and work hand in hand with the FDNY to make sure they are prepared. Since September 11th the NYPD has stopped over ten major different terrorist attacks on our…show more content…
They even have units stationed overseas in ten countries, including in the Middle East, looking for new plots against New York and learning from attacks overseas. (Pritchard, J 2016)

The newest unit of the NYPD is their new counterterrorism unit known as Critical Response Command, which started in late November of 2015 and deployed the first unit out after the terrorist attacks in Paris back in 2015. This new unit so far only consists of about five hundred with only one hundred and ten starting off. The unit takes two stationed officers from each precinct at critical locations around the city, in addition to the NYPD’s emergency service unit. They will be equipped with heavy weapons, duty vest and smartphones that will help them protect critical locations across the city. This new unit will work hand in hand with not only the other thousand counter terrorism members of the NYPD but also with the FDNY. They will train together to make sure they are trained for every situation and are able to handle any situation that may occur within the city.

Al Qaeda is one of the major terrorist organizations in the world, they are responsible for at least thirty attacks worldwide and three on US soil, most famously they are responsible for the attacks on September 11th 2001. Al Qaeda started in nineteen eighty-eight by the leader Osama Bin Laden, who has been the leader for both attacks in New York City. The major attack was the deadliest attack on US soil, which was the

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