Policing Is The Primary Component Of The Criminal Justice System

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Policing is the primary component of the criminal justice system. The police have a constitutional duty to enforce the law, provide the public with safety and security and maintain order in the society. They are seen as an authority figure who has considerable control over it 's citizens. The police also have a duty to arrest people who break the law or commit an offense and in doing so, they help keep the justice system in a functional state. The police does not determine the guilt or innocence of an individual rather they are to collect evidence which can be used to prosecute the individual charged by the police. One of the key aspects in policing is the use of discretion (Griffiths, 2014). Discretion is defined as "the freedom to choose among different options when confronted with the need to make a decision" (Griffiths, 2014, pg. 110). It is important to note that the only profession in the criminal justice system that offers so much discretion is policing (pg.74). Discretion in policing does have it 's own strengths and weaknesses. One such strength of discretion in policing is that it gives the citizens a chance to amend for their mistakes. This results in positive relations between the police and the public. People are able to put their trust and faith into the criminal justice system and they won’t hesitate to cooperate with the police on various crime matters. If it weren 't for discretion, the police would not be able to maintain these positive relationships with
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