Policing Of The United States : Strategies And Effects Essay

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Christopher Tolbert
Professor Swanson
CJ 4700
Final Research Paper
Policing in the United States: Strategies and Effects
The United States today is undergoing a societal change in the way we view policing. From this police departments and corrections are having to change and adapt to meet the needs of the people they are serving. Over the history of the country, many types of policies and practices have been implemented in an effort to decrease or at least control the crime. This paper will evaluate current and past practices and analyze the pros and cons in hopes to realize effective methods that can benefit both the citizens and the police.
DOES WHAT POLICE DO AT HOT SPOTS MATTER? THE PHILADELPHIA POLICING TACTICS EXPERIMENT A study was done in Philadelphia to determine what kind of policing would reduce recidivism in small areas with high rates of violent crime. (Groff, et al., 2015) It is well known in the criminal justice field that the majority of crimes are being committed by a minority of people. This is because the same people continue to commit crimes upon release. The hypothesis of this study was that if they focus on the offenders then they could save time, stop crime, and better relations in the community. Results from this study found a 42% reduction in violent crimes and a 50% reduction in violent felonies in the hot spot. (Groff, et al., 2015) From this it can be inferred that intelligence based policing can be fruitful on a small level.
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