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After watching the documentary on Policing the Police provided by Frontline, I have come to realize that community policing rather and the use of a task force is a better approach when trying to get guns and drugs off the street. Subsequently, I do not believe that officers can realistically get guns and drugs off the streets without violating citizens’ rights. Based on related articles from The New Yorker and PBS, and first hand experiences from the narrator in the documentary I will be able to provide insight into my own opinions and thoughts about the issues at hand. This essay will also provide insight into the pros and cons of using community policing rather than using a task force. Also, this essay will touch on the
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There is no trust between the community and the gang unit of the Newark
Police Department. The members of the gang unit insist that the citizens on the street know why they are out there and know they are there to protect them, but that it not the case. For example, in one scene an officer is seen pulling at a man’s waistband in order to look into his underwear! That is extremely invasive, and not a part of the normal procedures that are allowed when making a reasonable suspicion stop. Officers are supposed to search the outside of the clothing, not in the pants, and definitely not in their underwear.
The use of a task force does not intertwine the community and the police together. Especially when the officers are going out in unmarked vehicles, and flashing their flashlights in random individuals’ faces. I understand they are patrolling, and trying to get the guns and drugs off the street, but rather than going after random areas, the officers should patrol hot spots, and chase after felons. Unfortunately, for Newark drug trafficking and gang violence is excruciatingly high, along with the homicide rates which are nine times higher than New York City. This causes the officers to conduct protruding searches. When it comes to the use of force, the officer’s actions were indefensible.
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