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Executive Summary In recent years, our nation has seen an increased number of transgender students demanding to be included in activities and facilities they have been excluded from in the past. This has introduced a growing number of events that contradict the norms and labels our society has in place regarding gender and sex roles. The very definition of what it means to be female or male is being challenged by this small portion of the population. In their fight for gender autonomy and gender equality in the education field, they have made great strides to be acknowledged and treated as the gender they identify with; instead of the gender that our society’s norms place on them because of their birth certificate sex. In several…show more content…
Fast forward to present day and we see transgender students are claiming gender stereotyping based on their gender expression is causing discrimination against them because they are non-conforming to gender identities. Within the United States alone, the transgender community makes up a whopping 2% of our LGTB population, which makes them a minority of the LGTB community. According to Jacob (2013), over 87% of transgender students claim to be verbally harassed and 53% say they have been physically harassed. A 2007 study showed a bully will target transgender students 66% more than they target a student who has conforming gender identity (Transgender Issues). Johnson (2010) writes the Education Department warned schools about being legally liable, after an influx of teens committing suicide for having non-conforming gender identities. The schools were informed that Title IX covers equal treatment for boys and girls in school programs that are federally funded and insisted schools begin to implement anti-non gender conforming bullying at a local level (Johnson 2010). With those statistics, it is supported that majority of transgender students are at risk to some type of discrimination on a daily basis in our schools. Policy Description In regards to my paper and how Title IX is expected to work in favor of transgender students, it will be used to enforce the de-segregation of transgendered students in the schools. It will allow for transgendered
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