Policy Analysis : Vaccination Policy

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Vaccination policy Analysis
Adriana Ortega
Benjamin Tetteh
Ramona Abou Habib
Saera Sultana
PUAD 6260-01 Healthcare Policy Analysis
Professor Farida Sultana
July 27, 2015

Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary 3
II. Introduction 4
III. Examination and Analysis of the Policy 5
A. Background 5
B. Involvement and Work of Lobbying Groups 5
C. Analysis: Pros and Cons 6
D. Analysis: Evaluation Methods 10
E. Outcomes 11
IV. Conclusion 12
References 13

I. Executive Summary
Vaccination policy is one of the most important policies drafted in the United States. Major points concerning this policy is being criticized, evaluated and edited nowadays. In this paper we will be talking about the definition of the vaccination policy in general including its background, process, challenges, risks, benefits and advantages of this policy and finally in conclusion summarize all our findings objectively with some recommendations for future actions.

II. Introduction
When population in the country cannot alone solve a problem, governmental intervention in the form of policy becomes important. Throughout the history of United States, multiple policies were crafted. Some aimed to improve or save lives. Vaccination policy is one of those. But what makes it unique is that it promotes the notion of giving inactive agent of the disease in question to even a healthy person so his immune system can operate in a way to fight this specific disease later and yes, its aim
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