Policy Analysis and Implications for Social Work Practice

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Policy Analysis and Implications for Social Work Practice Introduction Unfortunately, in this world of advancements, numerous social issues have escalated to a great extent. Amongst them, child exploitation, abuse, and improper protection to children over the world are one significant dilemma to mention that have augmented over the years. This issue is not limited to one state or county, rather, has become an issue across the globe. Many factors such as lack of education, socio-economic issues, poverty level and so forth have become the leading causes that make a child more vulnerable to such problems (Lawrence, 2004). Child protection simply means to provide safety and security to the children and young adults who are vulnerable to dangers and infanticide such as child abuse (including sexual, psychological and physical), child labor, trafficking and so forth. The services to protect the susceptible children are usually provided by governments of the countries (Lawrence, 2004). With reference to Australia, it has been noticed that state and territory level governments are the key responsible agencies that oversee the statutory child protection within the country. These departments provide extensive support and assistance to the children who have suffered from any kind of harm, abuse or are neglected. Even the children who are at risk to such social concerns are also widely supported and assisted. Furthermore, the government also aids those children who do not receive
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