Policy Analysis of Affordable Care Essay

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Since the initiation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Americans have been put back in charge of their individual health care. Under this new law, a health insurance marketplace provides a haven for individuals without insurance to gain coverage. Just this year, citizens found out early whether they qualified for Medicare or the CHIP formally known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program. So much is to be learned about the Affordable Care act and this paper provides the roles of the different governmental branches, along with other important factors associated with this law.
Involvement of Government and Lobbying Groups
Obama Care, as most would call it, was passed by the United States Senate, approved by the House of
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Without the cash flow coming in to medical facilities, the government would see this as a failure. With the cash market resting at $260 billion in the United States alone it is no wonder why this balance has to co-exist (Newswire Association, 2014). A shortage of doctors has already been anticipated by this new initiative, and means to pay cash has been a popular option among many individuals. With a fast paced society it is no wonder why citizens choose not to wait in long lines at the behest of insurance companies, or public health exchanges.
Over the last three months exactly services have been evaluated in orthopedic surgeon’s offices and private practices to see exactly how cash-paying patients are seeking care according to Newswire Association (2014). The government has put into place benchmarks to which the ACA must meet for the companies to increase the number of medical specialists available. Basically if a company has patient waiting lists for medical specialists including anything from oncology, fertility, or dental this line of services is expanded (Newswire Association, 2014). The ACA must increase the demands of doctors across the board in order to keep the markets and government in balance.
Providers not have the abilities to promote services through a wide range of social media sites which could increase the means of advertisements. The ACA also has a specific site in which providers can be
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