Policy Analysis on Juvenile Justice Essay

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Policy Analysis on Juvenile Justice Reform CJA/464 September 17, 2013 Raymond Smith Policy Analysis on Juvenile Justice Reform Within this paper the writer will be discuss the public policy on Juvenile Justice Reform. Within the paper the writer will describe the issue, tell if the policy a regulatory or legislative-initiated policy, and who initiated the issue or policy. Also the writer will discuss is there a constitutional issue, and how will the issue or policy affect the community, the accused, and the victims and a conclusion at the end of the paper. Describe the issue: The issue is on how much money it cost to house juvenile compare to housing adults in prison and should 17 years be treated as juvenile or adults.…show more content…
This Special Council duty was to review the juvenile code and to place low to medium-risk youth in secure incarceration facilities, which would save the state money. The state could not see where the money was going to house the juvenile and should 17 years be counted as an adult when breaking the law. The council also suggested that a voluntary funding program be setup to support local facilities. Is there a constitutional issue? There would be a constitutional issue because juvenile have certain constitutional rights at negotiation, such as the right to a lawyer and the right to challenge and interrogate witnesses, but they have no right to a trial by jury. The subject of juvenile’s rights is poorly defined in the courts, somewhat because the public as a whole has not decided how much independence to grant juvenile. When most juvenile’s supporters talk about juvenile’s rights, they are not stating to the same rights detained by adults, such as the rights to vote. Instead, they mean that more importance should be placed on juvenile’s standing as “regular persons” eligible of benefits under the law as providing in the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. How will the issue or policy affect the community, the accused, and the victims? The policy will affect the community by saving tax dollars if they use community based replacements to incarceration the juvenile. The community safety is well-maintained and the juvenile are
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