Policy Analysis on Republic Act No. 9262

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The fight for the rights of women against violence was emphasized during the Cold War and postwar era when women leaders brought up the subject relating to the rank of women in the society. This discussion resulted to the affirmation of the Decade for Women (1976-1985) which talks about the desire of women worldwide for equality, peace and development. Despite this improvement, violence against women was not acknowledged as a human rights issue up until the Vienna Conference on Human Rights which was held last 1993. In the conference, the UN General Assembly approved a Declaration for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
Article 1 of the Declaration states that:
“violence against women is an obstacle to the achievement of equality,
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The stakeholders of this law are essentially women and their children. Children refers to the children of the abused woman, below 18 years old, legitimate or illegitimate, or those who are 18 years old and above but are unable of taking care of themselves, comprising children who are not her biological children but are under her care.
Victims of VAWC can acquire barangay protection order (issued by the Punong Barangay, or if unavailable, by a Kagawad) and/or temporary or permanent protection order from the court (issued the Family Court), or file for criminal action (issued by the Regional Trial Court or the Municipal Trial Court) through this law. In terms of filing a case, basically anyone who has information of the crime may do on the victim’s account. This may consist of parents or guardians, social workers, relatives, and the police force.
Different programs and projects have been implemented to lessen the effect of violence against women. These programs involve temporary care and shelter for Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances, called the Haven, Crisis Intervention Unit of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The Women and Children Protection Program has also been established by the Department of Health in several hospitals in the state whereas the Philippine National Police has a Women’s

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