Policy Brief By Joseph Temelso

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Policy Brief By: Joseph Temelso Executive Summary: There are many issues that the government of Canada has to face and each new party that runs the government is introduced to new problems as well as the problems they have inherited from their predecessors. In this essay I will be directing your attention to the problem of climate control and how Canada can address the rising carbon emissions issue through carbon pricing. Canada has yet to implement major changes but through movements involving a national carbon price, energy saving transportations, and investments in the search for new reusable energy sources. Canada needs to turn move towards action to swiftly deal with the issue of carbon emissions. Overview of the Problem: The…show more content…
This is a favourable step in the direction of cleaning up carbon emissions however it has taken far too long to reach even this point. Neglect of the problem does not make it go away. The federal government should take into account how much damage has already been done in the long run and enforce even an even higher carbon price and implement stricter rules and regulations surrounding carbon spending. Limiting and capping carbon emission whilst enforcing harsh penalties for breaking these regulations. A strong deterrent is in need to start forcing people to respect the damage carbon emissions are generating and to look for new energy saving methods. For more incentive to implement a nation wide carbon price, let us take a look at British Columbia. “Since 2008 when the tax came in, fuel use in the province has dropped substantially – 19 percent more per capita than in the rest of Canada – and GHG emissions are trending in the same direction” (Elgie, McClay 2013, 8). These stats indicate that although a carbon price has been implemented in British Columbia, they have yet to fall behind in the economy. There are several advantages to carbon tax that all provinces can benefit from like British Columbia has. For instance, “due to the tax shift, British Columbia households and businesses now pay the lowest income taxes in Canada” (Elgie, McClay 2013, 8). If all other provinces were to follow suit the whole country can benefit
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