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Policy Brief Final Assignment Sisseritta Demps PP504: Professor Thomason August 11, 2014 Abstract: Marijuana legalization has been a controversial topic requiring a public policy solution in the political realm. There have been various arguments made for and against the legalization of marijuana. There are several states that have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes while others have let their guards down completely allowing citizens to use it not only medicinally, but recreationally as well. While the use of marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, there is much discussion by other states regarding policies to support marijuana legalization and many policy makers proactively planning for the possibility…show more content…
Other states have legalized the drug for both medicinal and recreational use. The use of marijuana dates back many, many years ago as early as 2900 BC when a Chinese Emperor referenced the drug as one that possessed both yin and yang. The drug was recognized for its medicinal uses in 2700 BC when the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered healing properties linked to the drug (“Medical Marijuana Historical Timeline” para. 1). Today the drug has been credited as a major benefit to patients suffering from diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis alleviating them from excruciating pain associated with the diseases. While there has been some discussion among legislature for the state of Florida, very little policy exists concerning legalizing marijuana. There are various states that have discussed, voted on, and implemented laws for marijuana use. Some are currently enforcing the laws. Compared to those states, Florida is behind. There is some history of the issue being discussed; however nothing as formal and detailed as other states. There is a documented case concerning illegal marijuana use that was overturned opening the eyes of many to the medical abilities of the drug. As with any policy that is implemented by the state, counties within the state must ensure they are aware of and prepared to implement a course of action so that the new policy is not directly affecting citizens and is not

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