Policy Containment in the Northwest Ordinance and Missouri Compromise

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The Founding Fathers established the policy of containment, which was applied through the early Monroe administration. The purpose of containment was to stop the spread of slavery beyond where it already existed under state law. Containment was accomplished through several stages beginning with the establishment of the Northwest Ordinance and the Missouri Compromise, which led the South to “turn the tables on the North” and gain control the Legislative and Judicial branches of the government. Thomas Jefferson, a Republican, proposed The Northwest Ordinance concerning the colonization of the territory obtained from England after the Revolutionary War. The Northwest Ordinance outlawed slavery in the Northwest Territories of the Ohio…show more content…
This nullified the Missouri Compromise, which pleased the South since there was a possibility that slavery could expand. This intensified conflict between the North and the South and angered Democrats, Whigs, and Free-Soilers (Davidson pp 393). ( With the election of anti-slavery President Abraham Lincoln, the South became paranoid that the North planned to change their way of life, which led many of the Southern states to secede from the Union. ( Lincoln wouldn’t tolerate secession and offered to “pardon” to the majority of Southerners with their return to the Union and conformity to the Emancipation Proclamation. Southern blacks were given educational and voting rights and opportunities for educational and economical advancement; the Southern elites then enforced the use of “paramilitary tactics”. Racism was also a factor in the North, which led Northerners to espouse some Southern viewpoint in regards to egalitarianism. This was the end of the Reconstruction Era and allowed the South to “turn the tables” on the North. Democrats were able to regain control of the Legislative and Judicial branches of government. ( In conclusion, containment was accomplished through stages that included the
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