Policy Implementation And Review On Sustainability Essay

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Policy Implementation & Review Each sustainability goal will require changes to the existing way your company does business. To try and say that sustainability is just an attitude is incorrect. With only an attitude, your company will see no recognizable or measurable change in sustainability. Transmitting the desires of the board, as expressed through policy, into actual business practices is challenging. It requires analyzing the existing way of doing business, what the desired result is, and determining the least disruptive way to get from one to the other. We must understand that the implementation of our company’s sustainability policy is going to be disruptive to our company. The key is to make that disruption as inconsequential as possible. There are a number of ways we can do this, but mostly it requires careful planning and timing, to insure that everything is in place for a change, before “throwing the switch.” DEVELOP AND COMMUNICATE PROCEDURES TO HELP IMPLEMENT WORKPLACE SUSTAINABILITY POLICY Although we now have a sustainability policy, that doesn’t mean that we have created the procedures necessary to implement that policy. In some companies, policies and procedures are combined into one. However, they are better conveyed, if they are separate sets of documents. • Policies are created by the board, and determine the direction of the company • Procedures are created by workers, and demonstrate how specific tasks that are necessary for that direction
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