Policy Is A Fundamental Aspect Of All Agencies. Policies

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Policy is a fundamental aspect of all agencies. Policies are important; as they are what offer guidance to personnel and help them to make appropriate and well informed decisions. Policies help to make decisions, provide instruction, protect employees, and increase accountability if something goes wrong. Policies are especially important in social welfare agencies. Policies help protect clients and help to make their lives better. Policies help social welfare workers to remain unbiased and put the client first. These policies are very important to all social welfare agencies. KVC is one agency that values and implements policy on a daily basis.
KVC helps children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social
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KVC relies on this support to provide services to children, continue research, implement education and training, and implement tools and treatments. (SOURCE)
Typically, agencies are responsible for putting their own policies into effect for their child welfare program. However, some policies are automatically applied to these agencies through federal and state laws and regulations. The use of CFSRs, Child and Family Service Reviews, are helpful in reviewing and approving upon social welfare policies. CFSRs are reviews of the state child welfare system that occur periodically. These reviews make sure policies are meeting federal child welfare requirements, determine what is occurring to children and families who are using welfare services, and work to improve current policies to make them more effective. With the completion of CFSRs, an improvement plan in implemented to offer guidance to state agencies to improve upon existing programs, policies, and structures. (SOURCE) For KVC, DCF is the agency in charge of creating and implementing policies. They abide by state and federal regulations and also use CFSRs to review cases randomly. DCF takes the information they obtain from these random reviews to see what is working and what is not. With this new data, DCF works to upgrade and improve current policies and implement new policies if there is a need for it. These reviews are carried out twice a year. According to Jessica
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