Policy Issues For Improving Monitoring And Evaluation Of Agricultural Programmes

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Policy Issues for Improving Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Programmes

To improve monitoring and evaluation of agricultural programmes in Nigeria, the following policy issues must be addressed. The questions of what should be monitored or evaluated, when should monitoring / evaluation be carried out, who should monitor/evaluate and the methodology to be adopted in any project and the tools for monitoring and evaluation should be included in any agricultural programmes/policy.
When should monitoring / evaluation be carried out?
Monitoring and Evaluation should be integrated into every activity of the agricultural programmes. It is essential to develop and establish a habit of doing casual evaluation of the highest possible quality for almost all processes and products involved in the various segments of the programme. The time for monitoring and evaluation should be well budget and made part and parcel of the programme planning process. Systematic evaluation usually requires a greater expenditure of resources than normal and hence, it should be done when the resources are available and the use of such evaluation justifies the cost. Most agricultural programmes in Nigeria lack this important aspect. This is not well stated in most projects/programmes. The few that carried out monitoring activities do so when they feel like. When proper monitoring / evaluation are carried out as at when due, it helps in improving the programme.

What should be monitored or…
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