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Policy Issues Paper CJA/314 November 15, 2011 Policy Issues Paper Violence in any form can have a lasting effect on a person. Children who witness violence are permanently scarred because of what they are seeing. Children who witness family or domestic violence are affected in ways similar to children who are physically abused. Children are often unable to establish nurturing bonds with either parent and are at a greater risk for abuse and neglect if he or she lives in a violent home. Statistics show that an estimated 3.3 million children are exposed to violence against their mothers or female caretakers by family members in their home each year (Ackerman & Pickering, 1989). When a spouse, woman or male is abused, and there are…show more content…
Out of fear she contacted police and had him arrested for violating the order of protection she had placed on him. In the video, the three year-old son was standing in the doorway and witnessed his father getting arrested. The little boy time and time again has witnessed his parents arguing and fighting. The police have been to their house more than 20 times and his father served six months in jail for domestic violence. Children react to their environment in different ways, and those reactions can vary, depending on the child 's gender and age. Children exposed to family violence are more likely to develop behavioral, emotional, psychological, and social problems than those who are not. Recent research indicates that children who witness domestic violence show anger and temperament problems, depression, low self-esteem, and more anxiety than children who do not witness violence in the home. The trauma they experience can show up in behavioral, physical, social, and emotional disturbances that affect their development and can continue into adulthood. No financial issues were discussed in the video. However, the financial issues that can be associated are a loss of a two person income in the family. When one family member goes away who may be the primary breadwinner of the family, the household becomes the responsibility of the mother which in-turn can cause a financial strain. Another financial issue can be legal fees
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