Policy Leader Interview : A Project Associate For The Center For Social Inclusion

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Policy Leader Interview I interviewed Jarrid L. Green, a Project Associate for The Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), whom I connected with through University of Maryland’s Alumni Advisor Network. I chose to interview Jarrid because of his work with social policy and his ability to make himself available for a phone interview. Jarrid’s perspective provided some key lessons that have also been emphasized throughout the Practicing Public Policy course, including (1) jump into the work you want to do, (2) you do not need to be an expert, (3) building coalitions and motivating your stakeholders’ riders and elephants is incredibly important, and (4) remind yourself that change is slow, so always consider what is possible. Entry into Public Policy Jarrid marjored in English for his undergraduate studies at UMD, skilled at writing and with an interest in museum studies. Confident in his interests in museums, Jarried went in to DC to see what kind of work he could volunteer his services for at the Smithsonian. This move reminded me of the advice given by our class’ guest speaker working on environmental issues with Baltimore City. She explained to us that because most organizations are ready to take on free work, we should jump into whatever group/organization/department we want to work in. Although we may not be compensated for that work, we would get experience and an opportunity to prove ourselves for the future job openings at those locations. At the Smithsonian Jarrid did

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