Policy Making Case Study

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Ramona continues to meet most expectations of her position by maintaining a working knowledge of policy and procedure. If Ramona is not familiar with a policy she will independently research that policy until she has a better understanding of it. Ramona consults with me about her investigations if there are things that she is unsure of. Ramona has demonstrated a working knowledge of policy and procedure by being able to incorporate those policies and procedures into her investigations. Ramona has continued to be able to recognize vulnerable adults and their unmet needs. Ramona goes out of her way to assist our clients with filling out Medicaid applications and ensuring that the application is turned in to the proper dept. Ramona is able to explain our program requirements and their criteria to our clients in the community. With explaining our HCBS programs comes notice of confidentiality and…show more content…
Ramona doesn’t request OT unless she has 20+ cases. I can rely on Ramona to complete cases in a timely manner and if she has an overdue case she provides me with a reason why it is overdue and the expected close date of the case. Ramona maintains good attendance, she rarely requests leave. Ramona shows up for work on time as scheduled and is always prepared to perform her job duties within the realms of policy. If Ramona does need to take leave, she does so in a manner where she gives an advance notice and makes sure that her cases are stable before she goes out on leave. Ramona utilizes her outlook calendar to organize her day and keep up with timeframes such as plans of action, case closings, and exceptions. Ramona comes to her conferences prepared with pen and paper as to write down any feedback that I give or to keep up with what cases are okay to close. Ramona struggles with her DELTA sometimes and I have to send an email reminding her of when to submit. Ramona submits her expense reports before the 5th of every
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