Policy Memo For Nuclear Weapons Essay

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FROM: Olivia Young DATE: December 1, 2016 SUBJECT: Policy Memo for Nuclear Weapons Introduction: Nuclear weapons have been around for quite some time, although only one nation has ever used one for mass destruction. Now that the United States has proven it is not scared to use one, the question remains if they will ever use another. Although the whole world is playing a what if game, the hope is that nobody will drop one. However, although that is a goal why are nations continuing to grow their supply of said weapons? The spread of such weapons have increased significantly over time, and nations hold them on the back burner in case of future conflicts. The issue remains, how can we keep a nation from using one against the United States when there is no guaranteed way to eliminate their supply? A few recommendations for future nuclear use is as follows: The number of countries with nuclear weapons could more than double in the next few years unless the major powers take serious steps towards disarmament. If the United States used dominance over other states to intimidate with their large military it would more then likely scare a few away from the use of nuclear weapons. If there were a way to set up a system that rewarded nations each year they did not use a weapon, it could encourage them to stay away if the reward was things they needed. Although it sounds like an idea for an insurance company, if the UN or another organization could give countries things they needed in

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