Policy Monitoring vs. Policy Evaluation Comparison

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Policy Monitoring vs. Policy Evaluation Comparison Team D: Aaron Sawyer, Paulette Banks, Buck Charley, Greg Bradley CJA/385 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation May 23, 2016 Professor: Dr. Duane Benton Policy Monitoring vs. Policy Evaluation Comparison Policy Monitoring Monitoring policies allows the gathering of factual information as to the causes and outcomes of criminal justice policies. For policy monitoring to be effective the information gathered must be relevant, reliable, and valid. Policy monitoring provides data on compliance, auditing, accounting, and outcomes of criminal justice policy. Policy monitoring further allows for the verification that policy goals and objectives are being met (Dunn,…show more content…
Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Comparison A central tool to managing accountability and improving practice revolves around two key components, monitoring and evaluating. Criminal justice agencies constantly conduct policy changes due to events that occur throughout any department. Policy monitoring creates a indication of policy effectiveness through measurement data. Monitoring a policy involves data collection and maintenance from programs that produce feedback reports. In comparison to monitoring, evaluation is normally the last step in the policy process (Aos, Miller, & Drake, 1994). Policy evaluation goes through a series of questioning of how the policy identified and implemented the desired effect and the possibility of modifications to produce efficiencies. For example, during an evaluation, data collected is in constant use from previous monitoring. In monitoring, emphasis is placed on results and processes that are derived from procedural implementation. These two overarching components of a policy constantly work together to form any type of adjustments needed for policy effectiveness and efficiency (Capturing Experience Monitoring and Evaluation, 1988). Criminal Justice Policy Applicability While both policy monitoring and policy evaluation present different benefits to criminal justice policy, policy monitoring presents the greatest value to
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