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Choice of policy
In the last two decades, there have been countless debates on the need to reform the United States of American health care system. The reform is to enable a more comprehensive system that will address pressing issues such as the growing number of uninsured American. The USA is one of the leading countries when in to healthcare and its systems. It is also the country with the most spending when it comes to healthcare. According to an article published in the commonwealth fund, the United States health care system is found to be the most expensive in the world, but it also shows the U.S. underperforms relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance (Davis, Stremikis, Squires, & Schoen, 2014).
The United States can boast of being the country with the best technology in the health industry, the best expertise and also the best infrastructures. However, these services are not readily available to all due to the relative cost and mostly lack of health insurance. In some situations, the health insurance may be available but coverage is limited and with tentacles of restrictive clauses. For years these have been the measure of our healthcare system and long overdue overhaul that became eminent via the Obama Care in 2010 also known as the affordable care act. The rapidly rising health care costs over the decades have prompted the application of business practices to medicine with goals of improving the efficiency, restraining
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