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Policy Process CJA 580: Public Policy Issues University of Phoenix Dr. Matthew Geyer, Faculty May 15, 2010 Policy Process Society relies on the criminal justice system to maintain order within communities and to maintain a safe environment for community members. Society expects the criminal justice system to provide justice by separating the guilty from the innocent, to incapacitate dangerous individuals, to promote deterrence to law-breaking individuals, and to rehabilitate offenders. An important expectation of the criminal justice system is to provide fair and just consequences to criminal offenders and assist the offenders with reintegrating into society. Some of the expectations of the criminal justice system are not met…show more content…
Many narcotic offenders do not desire to break laws; their main concern is monetary gain. Alternatives policies in regard to narcotic offenders should be implemented to assist them with reintegration, rehabilitation, and to actually deter them from reoffending. A possible policy to implement to avoid incarcerating non-violent offenders is implementing a program that assists offenders with education and seeking employment. A program of this magnitude will give offenders the opportunity to remain connected with society and will give them the opportunity to become successful members of society. The program may provide job training skills, education courses, and employers who are willing to employ individuals with a criminal history. Not only will this program benefit ex-offenders, it will also benefit the companies that hire them. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax credit given to companies to reduce the federal tax liability of employers to be used as an incentive for employing ex-offenders (Tax Credits, n.d.). The main objective of the policy is to provide crime control and crime prevention oppose to punishing offenders only for them to reoffend. Implementing this policy may become a challenge because of the procedures necessary to implement the policy. The first step and most important step of starting this policy is compiling a list of employers

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