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Part II: The Policy Process Melissa Paciello Health Care Policy: The Past and the Future/HCS 455 April 11, 2011 Bette Sorrento Part II: The Policy Process Part I of the policy process involves, the formulation phase, the evaluation or legislation phase, and the implementation phase. The formulation phase is the stage where the all the information, ideas, concepts, and researches from various people, organizations, and interest groups are taken. The legislation or evaluation process is defined as the stage where deliberations, discussions, debates, and justifications are done. The implementation phase is when the adopted policy is acted upon (Abood, 2007). All public policies that are amended by the local, state, or federal…show more content…
Many policy makers do this by setting goals or objectives within a 30 – 60 -90 day window. Once again information is given in feedback form to the policy makers and over time the data and information is kept in order to review and analyze at a later date. The analysis can be done in many ways one way indicated is by comparing the feedback to a policy already existing. Look at the feedback and determine the positive and negative as it affects the majority of the people as a whole. The thing to remember in the analysis stage is just like dealing with computers and important data or a training and determine how effective the over all training was. Policies are no different, it is necessary to ensure the policy is a positive for all people involved. Same with the negative aspects of the policy, information and feedback are given and gathered in the same manner. It is at this point all information can be viewed in order to determine the pros and cons. Of course if the pros are greater, the policy will more than likely be continued, however if the cons prevail the policy will more than likely be removed. All of this is part of the analysis stage of the policy process. Policy analysis is the way to provide a reality check and continue to drive results for problems as they arise (Lynn. 1999). Policy revision is almost like the formulation stage of the policy process. There must be background and justification for the

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