Policy Process Part 1

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The Policy Process Part 1 The Policy Process Part I Tobacco use and the effects of second hand smoke have been an ongoing issue for many years. Looking at the attitude of the 1950’s and 1960’s when smoking was thought of as cool, suave, mature, etc., there has been a major turnaround in the way society looks at the use of tobacco. Now the issue is not just smoking and the damage to health that it causes, but now there is the additional awareness of what second hand smoke can do to individuals. It used to be commonplace to smoke in a hospital room and now due to the changes in the laws, smoking is not even allowed on the campus of a hospital. Many if not all large buildings including government buildings ban smoking in and around…show more content…
The policy or bill may be reviewed by one or more committee depending on what is being proposed. Any policy or bill being presented must come from the legislature. Boundless (n.d.) notes that during the second reading the merits of the policy or bill are considered and the results are reported back to the legislature where further amendments to the original presentation will be made if necessary. Once all changes have been made and the bill or policy is approved by the legislature then it may need to go up to the Executive for final approval before becoming a law. If it is vetoed the legislature does have the power to override the veto by what is called supermajority (Boundless, n.d.). The proposed policy or bill can be rejected by any branch along the process and many proposed bills and policies end up being rejected as not meeting one or more requirements along the way. Implementation Stage Boundess. (n.d.) notes that implementation is the process that moves an idea from being just a concept to becoming a reality. When looking at business, engineering, and other fields, Boundless (n.d.) indicates that the implementation process has to do with the building process. When looking at the implementation stage when it comes to a policy this means that it has made it from a simple draft to actually being an active policy that will bring about some type of beneficial change. An effective policy implementation has three

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