Policy Recommendations for the City of Chicago Police Department

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City of Chicago Police Department Policy Recommendations 2012 The policy recommendations for the City of Chicago Police Department include recommendations relating to the screening and supervision processes for the purpose of preventing and detecting corruption in the department. Included are recommendations such as those made in New York City in 1994 as follows: (1) Improvement of screening and recruitment;(2) Improvement of r3ecruit education and in service integrity training;(3) strengthening first-line supervision;(4) reinvention of the enforcement of command accountability;(4) attacking corruption and brutality tolerance;(6) challenge other aspects of police culture and conditions that breed corruption and brutality;(7) enhancement of sanctions and disincentives for corruption and brutality;(8) strengthening of intelligence gathering efforts;(9) solicitation of police union support for anti-corruption efforts;(19) minimization of the corruption hazards of community policing; and (11) legislative reforms. (Mollen, et al, 1994, p.7) Policy Recommendation #1 The second policy recommendation is also aligned with the recommendations made by the New York Police Department in 1994 and specifically is the creation of an external monitor for the City of Chicago Police Department. Policy Recommendation #2 In 1994, the Commission urged the immediate establishment of the New York City Police Department to establish a permanent external monitor that was independent of the

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