Policy Review And The Lucas Criticisms Essay

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Policy Review and the Lucas Critiques Orthodox Keynesian economists believe that the change of the money supply will lead to the change of effective demand, and further result in the change of the economy. However, in the monetary economy cycle theories, the expected monetary supply changes will not influence the total economy; the unexpected money supply changes will impact the total economic in short term. In the long term, it merely impacts the changes of general price levels, instead of on the changes of total economy. Therefore, in the issues of controlling inflation, monetary economy cycle theory believes that the governments do not need to have to spend too many costs in the relative output and employment to control the inflation, only if the public trust that the monetary authorities will implement their monetary tightening policies. In addition, new classical macroeconomics further argues that political measures to improve the total output and reduce unemployment have to find ways in the supply part. Therefore, policies work only when they inspire the microeconomic units to provide more products and labors (Grabel, 2000). Under this background, the Luca critique drew attention from the world. Lucas (1976) argued in his article that changes in government policies would result in the changes of parameters in the macro econometric models. Therefore, it is ineffective to assess the effects of different policies based on large scale macro econometric model. It is

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