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BOOK REVIEW POLIO AN AMERICAN STORY BY DAVID M.OCHINSKY PHAR 6605 Pharmaceutical Industry structure and government regulations

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Polio an American story is a scholarly readable and informative book which covers the lives of many American eminent scientists who struggled a lot to eradicate polio. This book mainly focuses on the mid twentieth century where the people are very eager to find a vaccine to eradicate polio .This book also covers the entire topics from appearance of polio symptoms to post polio syndrome which shows the valuable thesis done by David M. Oshinsky.
Throughout this book he has mined the personal lives of Albert Sabin, Jonas Salk, Thomas
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He also gave the detailed description and reasons beyond approval of polio vaccine by Sabin, As Sabin’s vaccine is not contaminated and it is easy to administer at the same time it can effective over long periods. The author also States that Isabel Morgan most talented researcher among all polio researchers he also states that she might beaten the Salk’s prize if she did not retired by then.
He also gave brief description about National foundation for infantile paralysis which was established in 19th century by FDR and Basil O conor it helped in bringing awareness about polio in entire America .It also changed the way of sanctioning license to release the tested new drugs into the market, and also the way in which legal system dealt with manufacturers liability for using the unsafe and harmful products.
He also focused on the work done by Isabel Morgan and her contributions to develop the polio vaccine and achieved success about the creation of a killed virus vaccine which worked on monkeys, but she decided to take care of her family rather than developing the vaccine further. David M Oshinsky author of Polio An American story believes and also stated that Morgan could have beaten Salk’s if she continued her research she was two years advanced when compared to the Salk’s vaccine.
In this book he clearly portrayed polio from different perspective, He narrated stories of different researchers he mined their

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