Political Administrators by Aminullah Chaudy

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ABOUT THE BOOK ‘Political Administrators’ by Aminullah Chaudry is famous book, first published in 2011 is the story of Civil Service of Pakistan. This book chronically examines the history of bureaucracy in Pakistan and the factors which led to the institutional decay in major institutions of Pakistan. The writer thematically explains that how the oscillation between democracy and dictatorship in Pakistan caused a serious damage to the traditional culture of Pakistan Civil Services which it inherited from Indian Civil services. AUTHOR The writer is a retired civil servant and in the realm of military coup of Pervez Musharaf he suffered a court trial in famous ‘Plane Hijacking Case’ because he supported the Prime Minister as DG Civil Aviation. The writer served on all important positions in district administration and in federal and provincial secretariat. The writer’s vast experience enables him to critically analyze the role of civil bureaucracy in political administration but the writer supports democracy and condemns dictatorship in Pakistan. SUMMARY In this book Aminullah chronicles the story of Civil Service into four major themes for each of which he allocates one part of the book. The first theme is role of the Indian civil services in shaping the major characteristic of Pakistan Civil Services. Here he maintains that after independence it was very difficult to run the government machinery with meager resources but the professionally competent officers managed it

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