Political Advertising In America

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Advertisements may show to girls that in order for them to be beautiful, they need to look like the pencil thin models working with the clothing lines. As a result, most young women and teens would want to lose weight in order to look like them and be “beautiful”. In order to do so, women cut down their feeding and nutrition and encounter eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
In other cases advertisement of fast foods encourages people to eat a lot of such food which is unhealthy, eating of such large amount of junk food may lead to obesity and heart problems.
Each year it is stated that 438000 Americans die from nicotine addiction and poisoning. Increased use of tobacco products and cigarettes have been as a results of advertisements that portray smoking as something good especially among the younger people. Many others are suffering from cancer caused by the chemicals in the cigarettes.
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In the advertisements, use of alcohol has been associated with power, skills and even romance. This attracts many young people as they want to get such attributes, yet alcohol causes addiction and liver diseases. There have also been cases of blindness caused by drinking. Political consultants and campaign design ads that are shown in media to urge voters to vote for them and also to influence political debate. Although there are efforts to regulate political advertising in America, there is little effort to control the content of the
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